1st Assembly was treated to the sounds of the deluge at our most recent Startup Garage, which felt more like an intimate concert then a talk. Rohan Hill, founder and lead engineer, and Ian Jorgensen, spoke on the story of the deluge – their flagship all-in-one portable synthesizer, sequencer and sampler, three years in the making.

Rohan began developing the deluge as a hobby in 2013, which soon became an obsession that soaked up every moment of his time and energy. The finalized model shown at the garage represented the 13th in a long line of units handbuilt within Rohan’s apartment. The deluge was born from Rohan’s musical passions as a performer and his knack for electronics. He saw an opportunity to extend the capability and application of existing tech within a musician’s performance.


Image above : The deluge, photo credit : Synthstorm Audible 

After many years of painstaking development, Rohan met Ian who became the business and marketing backbone of the deluge. Soon after, Synthstorm Audible was founded as a vehicle for Rohan’s vision of innovative music technology.       

The attendees were given the opportunity to demo the finalized deluge design – many of which couldn’t stop jamming. The deluge has almost limitless possibilities and applications, for example you can record vocals, input and control additional synthesis and instruments, and even customize the colour of the pads. In fact, Rohan and Ian have created a 90 minute walkthough as a valiant attempt at illustrating what the deluge can do.    


Image above : Rohan demoing the deluge, photo credit : Aaron R.J. Power & Synthstorm Audible 

This month, Rohan and Ian are traveling up and down the country promoting the completed deluge, which is now performance ready. The launch has been met with great success as the pair reached half of the monthly presales goal in a day.

If you would like to learn more about deluge, hit this link, and if you’re keen to see and hear how it plays and sounds check out this video.   

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