Last week 35 members of the 1st Assembly community donned their VR/AR headsets and heard the latest from Jessica Manins, Executive Director of the New Zealand VR/AR Association. Jessica played an important role in forming the NZVRARA to champion, support and grow innovation in the virtual, mixed and augmented reality in New Zealand, as part of a global network and movement. The association is constructed from a number of practitioners on the edge of edge such as Method, dotdot and Blackeye VR – forming an influential body within the growing AV/AR industry.


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Image Credit : Idealog


Ben Knill joined Jessica and spoke on the journey of Show How, a startup that utilizes 360 VR videography to remotely teach and induct the employees. Show How’s off-site training platform incorporates text, challenges and tasks within its accompanying app, saving time and money by enabling employees to learn whenever and wherever they like. An off-site approach also provides a safer training experience by eliminating exposure to hazardous working environments, such as factories and workshops, until the individual is fully qualified and inducted.

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The NZVRARA and Projectr is hosting a hackathon from the 17th – 19th of March, this is your chance to get your hands dirty and explore the possibilities of Virtual and Augmented realities. Sounds like your cup of virtual tea? Here’s the link.