1st Assembly was buzzing with a whirlwind of spinning motors, flashing LED and beeping microcontrollers as 40 kids (many of them adults) took part during NodeBots very first SumoBots event at 125 High Street. Nodebots is an international community of tinkers that hack and build javascript robots, with the aim of engaging and upskilling the wider programming and robotics community.

The highlight on the day was watching young families come together to build SumoBots which they then battled to the sound of giggling and laughter. The simple hands-on self-service approach to the event satisfied those who had never touched a raspberry pi before and those that had built them from scratch.


IMG_3697 IMG_3702 IMG_3710 IMG_3706

Image above : attendees hacking, making and tinkering 


My personal favourite was playing with the micro parrot drones, a sure far way of instantly feeling like a 12 year old again. One attendee in particular took the micro drone funtime to the next level by programming the three drones to flip, drive and weave in unison (or in nerd speak) – making the drones swarm. If you have a parrot drone at home and would like to have a crack at programming them yourself the below links will help you get started.


“Get Started in 60 Seconds” instructions :



Latest version of node (at least 6.x) :



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