Kids’ Furniture For Adult Eyeballs

26th July 2017By Kelly DareStartup Garage, Sustainability, Talks, Woodwork

” Plyhome is a built upon the blinding frustration I felt when I was assembling furniture for my kids”. – Anna Gilhooly, co-founder of Plyhome.   Above : Plyhome’s Junior Bed.    1st Assembly was lucky to play host to Anna Gilhooly and Rips Cassels, the co-foundering marketing and engineering team behind one of Lower Hutt’s gems … Read More

Tech Week & The STEMM Festival

7th June 2017By Kelly Dare3D Printing, Education, Hack Together, Startup Garage, Tech, Workshops

May was a month that filled 1st Assembly with the weird, wonderful and wacky as we hacked our way through Techweek ‘17 and the Hutt STEMM Festival.  The space was taken over by 130 mad inventors and hackers, of all ages, shapes and sizes, as they learnt, shared, experimented during six unique events.   The … Read More

City Smarts with NEC

6th April 2017By Kelly DareEnviroment, Showcase, Startup Garage, Talks, Tech

On 30th March, 1A was jammed-packed with 40 eager Startup Garagers who couldn’t wait to hear from Tim Packer, Head of Smart City solutions at NEC NZ – and boy he didn’t disappoint. Tim’s talk held the audience’s attention well into the evening as he spoke about the innovative Smart City network NEC is building … Read More

Sumo Bots with NodeBots

5th April 2017By Kelly DareEducation, Hack Together, Tech, Workshops

1st Assembly was buzzing with a whirlwind of spinning motors, flashing LED and beeping microcontrollers as 40 kids (many of them adults) took part during NodeBots very first SumoBots event at 125 High Street. Nodebots is an international community of tinkers that hack and build javascript robots, with the aim of engaging and upskilling the … Read More

Augment your Virtual Reality

27th February 2017By Kelly DareUncategorised

Last week 35 members of the 1st Assembly community donned their VR/AR headsets and heard the latest from Jessica Manins, Executive Director of the New Zealand VR/AR Association. Jessica played an important role in forming the NZVRARA to champion, support and grow innovation in the virtual, mixed and augmented reality in New Zealand, as part … Read More


20th December 2016By Kelly Dare3D Printing, Education, Hack Together, Workshops

On 17th December 1st Assembly was filled with festive cheer as we made and stop-motion animated our very own snow globes during Snow-Motion. The day long event was nothing short of light-hearted charming fun which nicely rounded off the year. Attendees of all ages and stages joined us, many of which created multiple snow globes … Read More

EXO Breakfast : Croissants & AI

23rd November 2016By Kelly Dare3D Printing, Education, Enviroment, EXO, Talks

In 1965 Gordon Moore, Intel Co-founder & tech legend, predicted that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits would double each year – “Moore’s Law”, which still holds true to this day. The law tells us that computing power will continue to become smaller and faster over time as transistors become more … Read More


15th November 2016By Kelly DareEducation, Enviroment, Sustainability, Talks, Workshops

So many problems, so little time. Unpicking a world of environmental problems through smart tech is a massive topic and the crew, comprised of experts in Internet of Things (IoT), designers, engineers, computer scientists and marketers, at 1st Assembly’s IDEAHACK went into it guns blazing. IDEAHACK explores the technology, opportunities, impact and customer sets within a … Read More

Introducing the Deluge

2nd November 2016By Kelly DareMusic, Startup Garage, Talks

1st Assembly was treated to the sounds of the deluge at our most recent Startup Garage, which felt more like an intimate concert then a talk. Rohan Hill, founder and lead engineer, and Ian Jorgensen, spoke on the story of the deluge – their flagship all-in-one portable synthesizer, sequencer and sampler, three years in the … Read More

Houston We Have Lift Off | Hamish Clark

2nd October 2016By Kelly DareLaunch Pad, Startup Garage

Startup Garage recently hosted Hamish Clark for his talk ‘Houston we have lift off’. It’d be easy to assume that he had come to talk NASA, however, Hamish joined us to talk about a different type of Texan launch pad, that being the exciting opportunities that are available for New Zealand startups to break into … Read More