Tech Week & The STEMM Festival

7th June 2017By Kelly Dare3D Printing, Education, Hack Together, Startup Garage, Tech, Workshops

May was a month that filled 1st Assembly with the weird, wonderful and wacky as we hacked our way through Techweek ‘17 and the Hutt STEMM Festival.  The space was taken over by 130 mad inventors and hackers, of all ages, shapes and sizes, as they learnt, shared, experimented during six unique events.   The … Read More


20th December 2016By Kelly Dare3D Printing, Education, Hack Together, Workshops

On 17th December 1st Assembly was filled with festive cheer as we made and stop-motion animated our very own snow globes during Snow-Motion. The day long event was nothing short of light-hearted charming fun which nicely rounded off the year. Attendees of all ages and stages joined us, many of which created multiple snow globes … Read More

EXO Breakfast : Croissants & AI

23rd November 2016By Kelly Dare3D Printing, Education, Enviroment, EXO, Talks

In 1965 Gordon Moore, Intel Co-founder & tech legend, predicted that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits would double each year – “Moore’s Law”, which still holds true to this day. The law tells us that computing power will continue to become smaller and faster over time as transistors become more … Read More

Gordon Dykes | Fre3FormD

25th May 2016By Kelly Dare3D Printing, Manufacturing Spotlight

3D printing is profoundly changing the way we view our everyday problems. What the internet did for computing, 3D printing will do for manufacturing. I talked to fellow 1A resident Gordon Dykes who built on years of industry experience in electronics and manufacturing to found Fre3formD. Fre3FormD make 3D delta printers which are designed and … Read More