Kids’ Furniture For Adult Eyeballs

26th July 2017By Kelly DareStartup Garage, Sustainability, Talks, Woodwork

” Plyhome is a built upon the blinding frustration I felt when I was assembling furniture for my kids”. – Anna Gilhooly, co-founder of Plyhome.   Above : Plyhome’s Junior Bed.    1st Assembly was lucky to play host to Anna Gilhooly and Rips Cassels, the co-foundering marketing and engineering team behind one of Lower Hutt’s gems … Read More


15th November 2016By Kelly DareEducation, Enviroment, Sustainability, Talks, Workshops

So many problems, so little time. Unpicking a world of environmental problems through smart tech is a massive topic and the crew, comprised of experts in Internet of Things (IoT), designers, engineers, computer scientists and marketers, at 1st Assembly’s IDEAHACK went into it guns blazing. IDEAHACK explores the technology, opportunities, impact and customer sets within a … Read More

Circular Economy For Beginners

9th September 2016By Kelly DareEducation, Sustainability

Circular economy is based on the ideal that everything that is made has a purpose for the whole of its life.  To make something that is never disposed of and is useful for the entirety of its existence is a high goal to reach.  Just like other ideals the reality of the effort it would … Read More